• We individually collect a lot of Foreign Comics .. so many, that Ken (as Webmaster) hasn't got the time to upload any more new scans from the FCC Crew. Sorry about that. To see what new material has been collected, please peruse the Links tab at the top of this page and have a good look-through our individual websites.

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  • We all have varied foreign comic interests, and each of us generally have our own focus within the niche, but to give you a general idea .. Matt and Ron are in another galaxy with their love of Star Wars comics, Stephane's focus is Vampirella and high grade comics from French-Canadian publisher Editions Heritage while Bjorn is well and truly caught up in Spider-Man's web. Mijael's main aim is foreign Golden Age covers, especially La Prensa and Editorial Sol books. Corey, meanwhile; is following the Punisher's steps and tracking down every appearance that Frank Castle makes. Jesse enjoys discovering fantasy and sci-fi comics unique to different countries. Ken is hard at work, persuing truth and justice; looking for Captain America comics from every part of the globe. 
  • In saying that, all of us stray from our comfort zones and acquire other foreign comics that interest us.

The whys and the wherefore ..


  • There's always the question to ponder .. why collect non - U.S. comics in the first place? Well .. for some, it's for the Artistic differences. Big differences! Many things were altered by the publishers .. colours altered, backgrounds changed, sometimes entirely new covers made. Such is the beauty of foreign comic collecting.  
  • You'll see many, interesting Editions as we travel the globe together. Some being quite common (but nonetheless .. absolutely amazing in their own right) .. the Italian and French published ones spring to mind .. but you'll also see incredible covers from the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. The list goes on and on. 
  • So .. let's enjoy those rare comics together. If you're new to the hobby .. be prepared to have your eyes opened wider than ever before .. as you realize .. it wasn't just the 'States that produced such awesome comics .. Now, (with us to help in any way we can) you can start your own journey of discovery. Welcome to the world of foreign comic collecting.

FCC's Cover of the Month .. February 2019


Capitao America #17, published by Bloch Editores S.A. in Brazil.

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